Tree Types: 

- Scotch Pine

- White Pine

- Canaan Fir

- Fraser Fir

- Norway Spruce

- Balled Living Christmas Trees

Price: Trees are individually marked with price.

Tree Size: 4'-12'

What to expect:
1. We take you out to fields on wagons pulled by tractors.

2. You pick your families "perfect tree" from the hundreds of trees we have in the fields to chose. You can cut your tree yourself, saws provided, or we'll cut it for you.

3. We shake your tree to get rid of any loose needles, etc... Occasionally a bird's nest falls out, which is supposed to be good luck.

4. We bail your tree in netting to minimize the size & mess in your vehicle.

5. Finally we tie the tree on your vehicle.

6. You relax & enjoy complimentary refreshments in the warm log cabin!
While the farm workers shake, bale and load your tree.
Damon has been working on Roberts Tree Farm
since he was 11 years old.